We Need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver

We Need to Talk about Kevin

We need to talk about We Need to Talk About Kevin! Holy scary book, Batman. This book was a part of my book club selection and it just proves how much I love being a part of a book club. I would never have chosen this as something to read for myself. In, fact, the premise sounded a bit blah to me. Obviously I was wrong. 

We Need to Talk about Kevin was disquieting, realistic, frightening book. The book deals with the very real circumstance of school shootings. School shootings are big news now, they happen a lot more frequently now than ever before. It can be so easy to vilify the people involved in news, mothers who weren’t good enough, teachers who should’ve seen it coming, children who should’ve been noticed. This book gives the generally unheard perspective of the mother of the shooter.

Eve knows there is something wrong with Kevin from the very first time she lays eyes on him. He is sneaky, cold, calculated and evil. Unable to convince her husband of the monster they created and unable to leave her marriage she sets about making the most of her prison with her son. The book is the story of how she saw the monster no one else saw, powerless to convince others of his evil and trapped to see her world crumble around her, incapable of escape.

Told as a series of letters to her, now estranged husband.  Even relives every horrifying moment, with the insight of having lived the inevitable result

The books themes deal with nature vs. nurture, marriage, compromise, disaster, guilt, and the humanity that lies within all of us, even the ones we deem monsters. Read this book, it is well written and original, thought provoking, and gut wrenching. I could not put it down until it was finished and I could not stop thinking about it months after having read it. I highly recommend it.