Best way to get people who don't like greens to eat greens "green smoothie"

regardless of your nutritional opinions and preferences, we can all agree that greens are good for us and we probably need more of them. Despite that, most people still fall short of their daily dietary needs in this department. Whether it be texture, or taste, greens are not very popular. So how to get in more without WW3 starting. Cue, smoothies. Smoothies are a convenient, easy, and delicious way to get in a serving or more of greens into your system. Most people won’t even be able to taste the healthy in this recipe. Trust me, I have experience

1/2 cup frozen peaches

1/2 a cup frozen mango

4 oz coconut milk or Vanilla Soy Milk

4 oz coconut water

mountain of greens ( or 1 cup of kale, spinach, etc)

Ice if you’re into that sort of thing - or if your fruit wasn’t frozen

blend until smooth

you’re welcome

I’d also add some sort of protein (preferably vanilla) into this as protein helps you metabolize carbohydrates (fruit) slower, so you stay full longer.

If you try this recipe let me know how it goes and if your picky eaters were a little less picky about their veggies.