“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.” - Dorothy Day

Yoga is about community, about being one with the whole. It's about realizing that the idea of the "Self" is just an illusion. You are me, I am you, and we are everything, together. Community is such an important part of our lives as humans. It makes us feel integrated, alive, loved. It helps us realize why we are here. It makes negative things bearable and it adds joy to the happy ones.

 In an effort to broaden your yoga experience I highly recommend taking classes from as many teachers as you can. Each and every one has something special and unique about them. Each of them has a bit of wisdom to share. 

Below are just some of the wonderful yoga teachers that have added to my life and my practice. 


Isabelle Casey

Isabelle is a teacher of yoga teachers. She led me in my 200 hour teacher training- which she offers at Be Yoga.  She is incredibly knowledgeable in all the aspects of yoga. She has been practicing for very many years and has a lot to offer. I highly recommend her for advanced practitioners and beginners alike because of her ability to break down the mechanics of the postures and intuitively know how to keep your attention.  Her classes are fun and I guarantee you will learn something new! She teaches at studios around and in the metro Atlanta area so check out her website to view her schedule.

Her personal website

The community website she moderates for, My Yoga Scene


Jessie Fletcher

Jessie teaches Universal Yoga, if you haven't yet had the pleasure to experience her class you are doing yourself a disservice. Her classes are fun, bright, challenging, and creative. Apart from being an all around awesome human being she is also an exceptional teacher. She even inspired a delicious juice at my smoothie shop, the "spirit animal". My practice has grown exponentially since attending her class regularly. If you're bored with typical Vinayasa yoga and feel like you need a change of flow, give her a shot, she will blow your mind. Jessie teaches around the metro Atlanta area, check her website for her full schedule.

Her website


Matt Johnston

Matt's classes are fun! This lively teacher brings together laughter, asana, and qui gong flawlessly. Matt's classes are all levels and accessible to everyone. From the novice to the more advanced, he's got you covered. I love his classes because he doesn't take himself too seriously and he makes sure you don't either, it's just yoga after all. Incredibly supportive, clever, spiritual, and grounded, Matt makes sure every class is a great one.  He teaches at different locations around the Marietta /Kenesaw area, check his website for his full schedule.

His website


Michele Stewart

Michele brings a real life quality to her yoga classes. She is funny, down to earth, and a great instructor. Her classes are mellow and relaxing, getting deep into your muscles and connective tissue. You will leave blissed out and stretched out. If you want a yoga teacher that talks to you like an old friend, her classes are the way to go. She teaches Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Be Yoga in Marietta. Check their website for her schedule

Be Yoga

Megan Escalona

Megan's calming, even voice lends itself perfectly to her classes. Like a steady hand guiding you into postures her clear and direct instruction leaves you no room for error.  Her classes are grounding and, because she focuses on breath, they are rooted in the present moment, something most of us need more of. You can find her teaching in multiple locations including Vita-Prana Studio . This bilingual betty is sure to help you feel more in touch with your foundation while still giving you a great class, check her facebook page for more details.

Her Facebook Page

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