The place of intuition Within the Patriarchy

It’s interesting how the lessons of my life keep showing up time and time again. Almost like the universe wants me to know myself inside and out. It keeps throwing out these lessons in different scenarios and different players; but always the message is the same. As I lean into my divine feminine Self I am seeing the lessons that have always been there with new eyes. One, for example, is the lesson of intuition. The patriarchy, as a masculine hyper dominant structure of society paints all feminine qualities as inferior or silly. If you have these inclinations you are taught that they have no place in this world. The patriarchy tells you that what you’re feeling is wrong, how you naturally want to express it is wrong and, in turn -you are wrong. There is a wrongness inside of you and the only way to come back to rightness is to adapt masculine ideas and traits.  

Intuition is one of those traits we are taught to devalue. Where is your proof? HOW do you know? The system is straightforward and proof driven, there is no room for anything that doesn’t fit that model. There is no space for the quiet (sometimes not so quiet) voice inside of you that knows without knowing. We, over time, learn to quiet the voice, we learn to ignore the voice as we would a leaky faucet . Over time the voice, after years of not being listened to, stops speaking to us.  It’ll pop up when things are seriously wrong, but mostly it just watches and waits for the day that we are ready to listen.

For some of us, motherhood is that time, for others the time never comes. The wonders and mysteries of motherhood are too great and powerful for even patriarchal ways of thinking to deny. They can not undo the deep intuition that awakens (or rather, is finally listened to, as it’s always been there). We begin to call it “mothers intuition” or “instincts”. These patriarchal labels give credence to a feminine aspect of ourselves. Because now it is known and accepted in culture, we are now more apt to listen and don’t just brush off the inner voice. With this new acceptance begins the work of rebuilding trust in ourselves and the parts of us that “know”.

I’m a huge fan of using scientific models of fact accumulation and lately I’ve  been speaking on  the lessons I’ve been learning with the women around me. I cannot tell you how many times I hear “this might be me just being too sensitive or “I don’t know for sure but..” and then “oh my god I thought it was just me” when I tell them that I too think that guy is creepy, or I too, feel the wrongness of a situation.

I am guilty of this more than I care to admit, of doubting myself and my intuition. Even when I think I have this lesson learned, the doubt will creep back in, slowly and then hit me like a freight train instead of the slow, steady, subtle tempo that intuition prefers to take. I’ll realize I brushed aside, doubted, and did not give due credence to my inner voice. 

Fighting a system of belief such as a patriarchal system takes time, thoughtfulness, and strength. It takes mistakes and the vulnerability to own up to and learn from those mistakes.

The place of intuition in this system of belief is still tenuous but we are in a time of great awakening of the divine feminine within all of us. I invite you to practice with me, join me on this path of reclaiming our intuitiveness. Reclaiming and proudly listening in the face of a system that demands proof. Being ok with having the proof be a “gut feeling”, not apologizing or making excuses for the gifts that have been bestowed upon us such as our softness, our intuition, or compassion even though the system we all live in deems them not as important. I invite you to lean into the feelings and sensations that your body and soul are trying to show you. Are you brave enough? I believe that just being a woman in the world takes courage, being a man in touch with his femininity takes courage; all of this courage proves to me that yes, you are brave enough. Lets start a revolution of trust and radical acceptance of our softer parts.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so if you feel so inclined please feel free to comment or share,

as always,

namaste, friend

Feminine Energy is Making a Comeback, Y'all

I’ve been “pulling cards” for several years now and recently I have started trying to really understand the cards more than just being a casual observer of the cards I pull. Recently I pulled the card “The Moon”. The moon card is the card of feminine power and energy. Traditionally when you pulled this card it was a sign that deception was afoot or that you lacked clarity in a situation. Its counterpart is “The Sun” which is a card of masculine energy and in a reading that happiness and surety are on the way. This pissed me off so much, you guys. Why is it that the moon, symbol of the feminine, symbol of phases and change is seen as a negative or ambiguous card when the sun, symbol of masculine is seen as positive?


The motherfucking patriarchy that’s why


Listen up, YOU ARE POWERFUL IN YOUR FEMININITY. So powerful and subtle that the fragile minds of the masculine dominate are terrified of your knowing. Feminine energy is so much more subtle and nuanced than masculine energy. Both are necessary in a balanced way to make a balanced human but somewhere along the lines the beauty of that feminine energy was discounted and even made to bee seen as inferior or weak. Masculine energy is goal-oriented, straightforward, aggressive, fact based. These don’t sound like bad characteristics, right? These characteristics are great but they have been overly prized and at the expense of the subtlety and magick of the feminine energy. Feminine energy is intuitive, soft, nurturing, emotive, rhythmic, and has a quality of “knowing” in your gut and soul.  There are times to be fact based and aggressive and there are times to let what you know in your soul take control. Feminine energy tunes us into ourselves and our planet so that we can see past ourselves and our problems and are given the ability to see others. Feminine energy helps us take care of each other as humans and as stewards of our planet. 


This skewed hyper masculine trend has made people miserable, not allowing our feelings to be heard. Instead our feelings are shoved away and “pushed through”. I would say on the surface this seems like a way to fix things but actually what it has done is to make a bunch of miserable adults who trash their planet and are jerks to each other. If we were allowed to feel our feelings, if we were allowed to voice our fears and they were met with empathy and kindness we wouldn’t take out our frustrations in terms of “power over” something or someone and we would instead focus our attention at trying to master ourselves. 


It’s no coincidence that women and feminine aware humans have been shunned into silence. The masculine dominant are afraid of what they don’t understand, they are aware of it’s power but in their lack of knowing have vilified this energy. Women were burned or shunned. Femme dominant men were killed or called “abominations” as if being a balanced man or gay man was some sort of weakness. Does it take more power to react out of anger or to sit with your feelings and react with awareness?

 There is a reason the moon and her feminine energy is seen as “illusion”, why women were seen to “tempt” and beguile as if a masculine dominant person couldn’t control themselves. 


I am here to tell you that a shift is coming. Awareness is spreading like wildfire. You’ve incarnated into a time of great change, that’s not a coincidence. Be aware of the ways that the masculine dominant want to keep you ignorant of your feminine power and fight against it by embracing the feminine inside of you. The best defense is to know yourself. Listen to yourself, listen to your intuition, get to know who you are on a spiritual and energetic level.  Learn to balance the energies of yin and yang, Shiva and Shakti, Ida and Pingala, the masculine and the feminine. Learn to tap in to both so that you make balanced decisions and lead others into balance by example.


Let yourself feel, let yourself know what “cant be known” , let yourself tap into the potential latent power. 
people will call you emotional, people will call you hysterical because that’s the refuge of the weak of insight. They try and discount your power by making you doubt it. Surround yourself with people who grow you and encourage you. Women, gather in circles with your sisters. Men, open yourself to the feminine energy inside of you that’s been begging to break free and has been quieted by weak and frightened masculine dominant people. 


I wish you balance, awareness, and strength on the journey



Namaste, friend

New Year Visualization

I like the new year, it gives us a chance for new beginnings and a fresh start. Sure you can start fresh any time, there is no optimal time because all time is optimal to do do more or “start fresh”,But there is something grand about starting a new year and using that marker of time to make your changes more significant.

I’m sharing a visualization that has been especially powerful for me during new beginnings. If you think you’re too busy, I assure you, you’re not too busy for this.

I like to do this in the shower but it can be done anywhere. I prefer water but you can use oil or smoke.

As I wash my hair I visualize and say out loud (in your head is fine too)

I wash away all false thoughts to make room for the truth

As I wash my face, I wash away the mask of self that I show to the world so that I can show my true self as I am

As I wash my shoulders, I cleanse myself of burdens that have been weighing me down without helping me evolve in some way

As I wash my chest, I cleanse away the hatred in my heart to make room for love; Of myself and those around me 

As I wash my mouth, I cleanse myself of unkind words or falsehoods to make room for the glorious truth

As I cleanse my belly, I wash away the judgement of myself so that I can make room for my power to grow and fill the cracks that doubt has left

As I wash my feet and legs , I cleanse myself from the mud I have walked into in any way and with clean feet and legs I carry myself into change free from burdens and pain. 

Then as I let the water run over me I imagine being covered in glowing love, abundance, and truth. 

The words are not important. These words worked for me because they are what I needed to visualize. You could visualize the water cleansing stress away, making way for peace to shine. You could imagine cleansing yourself of debt and having abundance cover you. You can wash your hands and imagine cleansing yourself of any stuck feelings to allow for opportunities. The power doesn’t reside in the words, it resides in the visualization.

It doesn’t take long and is very effective. You’re going to shower anyway, might as well cleanse yourself while you’re there. Our minds are powerful, speak your ideal  reality and watch it become truth. Envision what you want and watch it appear. But be aware that if there’s no room for your abundance, it won’t have anywhere to settle. Make room for what you want, get rid of what weighs you down or blocks your way.

Happy new beginnings 

Namaste, friend

Manipura Chakra

Manipura, also known as the Solar Plexus chakra is the third chakra in this series. It resides at the solar plexus, its color is yellow, its demon is shame, and it’s element is fire.

A balanced Manipura results in a person who is responsible, reliable, has good self-esteem, warmth in personality, is playful, has appropriate self-discipline, they have sense of their own personal power and is able to meet challenges.

Being deficient in this chakra shows up as lower energy, weak will, poor self-discipline. The person with a decadency in third chakra will have a victim mentality and will always blame others for every negative circumstance.

Being excessive in this chakra a person will be overly aggressive, dominating, controlling, a person who always needs to be right. A master manipulator, who throws temper tantrum, is arrogant, and violent outburst. this person will frequently blow their top. they have some form of strength but they are being consumed by it instead of wielding it with control. Strength without control lacks power.

Power is a funny thing. In our society we are always trying to get more of it, suffering when we lose it, and obsessing over those who have it. 

The thing is, the way we see power in our society is not how true power is held.

We think of power as power over something or someone situation when real power is power of self. The ability to take action, have discipline, good boundaries, good self esteem, and motivation, that’s power, the power of self actualization. Manipuri chakra deals with true power. Manipuri is the chakra of transformation and will, it takes the chakras below it, and uses will to take action. 

Manipuri chakra takes us out of the selfish and into the service.

The ego gets a bad rap in many philosophies but like anything, it just requires awareness and moderation. Without ego we would waste away, why take care of yourself if not for ego. Why strive to be better or be in a community if not for ego. It’s when ego takes over that ego is dangerous. Yes, we are part of the cosmic greatness and we are all one. Without ego, we become overwhelmed by the vastness of it all. Without ego, we feel small and inconsequential. A strong balanced third chakra tells ego, that yes we are all part of the bigger picture but we are an important component of that picture. 

No matter what you believe, we are here for a reason. Whether that be to be good people, worship a God, be of service, reach nirvana, or whatever, we are here now to learn. Struggle is here to make us stronger, compassionate and to make us grow. Without power, struggle crushes us, leaves us despondent and withered. Without the chakra of power ego rules unchecked and struggle becomes our life. Manipura chakra sets us up in our own power so that when we go into other chakras of love , kindness, intuition, sight, we are not crushed by the negativity of the world. we are uplifted because first chakra grounds us, second chakra allows us to FEEL, and third chakra ignites our action and will. Without these and especially without manipura, we cannot DO or serve. Without Manipura there is no fire igniting the furnace of action. That is what this “lustrous gem” does, provides energy, power, and self confidence to be able to produce action.

Cultivate your TRUE power, live in your authenticity, create, love, be who you are meant to be.

Third chakra in addition to the first two are the physical ones, the ones who tie us to our animal self: Not in a negative sense, just in as an observation of truth. We have so much more, we have divinity within us, we have compassion, those are upper chakras. The lower ones are sturdy and grounding, full of power and vitality.

Some mantras for third chakra that i like

i cultivate my power

I wield my power easily

i am a creature of action and intention

The fire in my belly fuels the action and purpose of my life

namaste, friends

Listen To Your Body” is a Terrible Cue For The Pregnant Student..and Beyond

Why “Just Listen To Your Body” is a Terrible Cue For The Pregnant Yogini


As teachers of yoga, we love it. You wouldn’t become a teacher if you didn’t have some transformation that yoga brought about in you. The practice is powerful in it’s ability to help you heal emotional wounds, help you sleep better, help your back hurt less, and just about a million other things. We become teachers to guide and help others experience that transformation. 

In training we learn to honor the personal practice and body of each student. We learn to embrace our differences and honor the abilities and limitations of each person. We encourage our students to “listen to their bodies” and do what’s best for them, regardless of what’s best for their neighbor. So, it almost becomes second nature to say the same thing to a pregnant student when they are in your non-prenatal yoga class. 

This is wrong. 

If you’ve ever taken my class you know, I almost never EVER say anything is “right” or “wrong” in yoga; there are so many different approaches and intentions to the practice that categorizing it as “right” or “wrong” seems irresponsible and uncreative. That being said, I think this statement is the cause of confusion, and at times injury to our pregnant students.  Even the most seasoned yogi can be confused by listening to their body when they are pregnant because their body changes almost daily when pregnant. What you knew to be true in your body yesterday, no longer applies today or tomorrow when you’re pregnant. The body of a pregnant woman is ever changing and growing; things are expanding, moving, adapting to the presence of life and the act of sustaining that life.  What you once identified as your psoas might now be one of your uterine ligaments, what you once did for back pain pre baby might be contraindicated for pregnancy. 

Listening to your body while pregnant will undoubtedly confuse you unless you are very in tune to your body and aware of how the body changes in pregnancy. While we as teachers, understand anatomy and body mechanics, your typical yoga student does not. They come to you for guidance and expertise and telling them to “listen to their body” is not enough. We need to explain the intention of the posture as it relates to their pregnant body. We need to tell them what the effects of a certain posture are so they can then make an informed decision on what their practice needs and how to modify for their body’s new situation. 

This doesn’t just go for the pregnant student. This cue can be ineffective for beginner students as well. Most new students don’t have a connection and conversation to their body, how are they supposed to “listen” to it if they have no idea how to interpret the information they’re getting. If you’ve ever taught or been in a basic class and asked someone to move their left foot forward, only for them to move their right foot back, then you know what I mean. How many times have you seen your students psh themselves to injury because they thought they were listening to their body when in fact they were listening to their ego?

As teachers we have a responsibility to know what the intention of the posture is when we put our students into them., we have a responsibility to clearly communicate that intention, and we have a responsibility to know the way a body; pregnant or not, moves and how to keep that movement safe.

Teachers, lets help our students get to the point where, when they listen to their body, they know what their body is saying because we’ve helped them interpret it.

keeping pregnant students safe isn’t as hard as you think, we can learn a few basic truths about pregnancy and body mechanics and take that into each class with a pregnant student. If you would like more info on how to keep your students safe I am teaching a workshop on Saturday September 29 at Be Yoga in Marietta. CEU’s will be provided.

come learn how to keep your students safe, empowered, and involved!

Namaste, friend.


Once a creature has established its safety and foundations, it will usually seek pleasure.

Swathisthana, or the sacral chakra is located two fingers underneath your belly button. its element is water and it’s color is orange.

A person with a healthy and balanced sacral chakra has emotional intelligence, the ability to experience pleasure without guilt, exercises healthy boundaries and is able to nurture themselves and others.

A person with a deficiency in this chakra is rigid in body and attitudes, denies them self pleasure, fears change, and lacks desire or passion

a person with an excessive sacral chakra acts out sexually, is addicted to pleasure, is ruled by their emotions, has poor boundaries and frequently invades other’s boundaries, is manipulative in seduction, and has obsessive attachments.

“when pleasure is denied we disown our right to it, we feel guilty for wanting it and ashamed of having it” ( judith)

without consciousness, emotions govern our reactions

As a species we have somehow managed to associate all that is feminine with weakness and turbulence and all that is masculine with stoic strength and stability; these are corrupted versions of the actual masculine and feminine. In this corruption and misunderstanding of the masculine, hyper sexualization & using sex and sexuality as a weapon have become commonplace. The woman who uses her sexuality as a tool of dominance and power to show that she’s “just like a guy” (because men have the power, supposedly) and can have sex with whomever without any emotions. This is a distortion and manipulation of sexuality common with excess in the sacral chakra.

The man who doesn’t let anyone in to the emotional part of himself because he “has none”. The man who denies his emotions because they are seen as womanly and weak. Men are only allowed to express anger in our culture. When anger is all you have and all you are culturally accepted to feel, you get angry. But this anger becomes this distorted warped anger. Not an anger that serves us and teaches us, but one that becomes a poison. It’s no wonder we have so many men exploiting women- they have no power over themselves ( because they will always feel, no matter how much they try to deny that part of themselves) so they are seeking power over someone else to help ease that wanting. This does no one any good, not a man or a woman- because sex is sacred and can only really be a tool of healing and love when done with someone whom you are vulnerable and raw with when you can be honest and open with your pleasure and your desires.

when we deny ourselves pleasure or anything we bury the part of us that wants and allow it to become something shameful and something that we associate with our shadow self. But just as anyone who has gone on a diet and denied themselves cake does nothing but obsess over cake- so too is the denial of pleasure only bringing attention to the desire and the lack of. Eventually your shadow comes up and you have to deal all that you’ve disconnected from your main identity.

we heal this chakra by feeling. We feel our emotions, we feel our body, we feel and own our pleasure. When you stop denying what you feel you allow yourself the process of working through it. Remove guilt, feel your feelings, enjoy pleasure, and listen to what your body is saying.

namaste yogis

Muladhara pt 2: women

Muladhara chakra expansion

For women

Women are complex beautiful creatures. I never really appreciated my womanhood until yoga, specifically until my prenatal training. There is something powerful in our sensitivity and our softness. Prenatal training opened me up to the awesome power of women to create and sustain life. It opened me up to my power which had been taken from me many, many times.

While the root chakra can be dysfunctional for everyone I believe that most women have root chakra issues because of the nature of being a woman in our world 

A person with a balanced root chakra is comfortable and safe in their body

In a world where #metoo has spread like wildfire; shedding light on something women knew without the use of hsaatags, how could we not be?

In a world where a woman is judged by the pounds of flesh on her body, how can we not? In a world where a woman’s birth is regulated by male doctors and people who supposedly “know better” than her instinct, how can we not? When a woman is told from birth that she is the weaker sex, how can we not? In a time when 1 out of 4 women will be assaulted in her lifetime, how can we not?

As a species we have given our women root chakra imbalances for generations.

Women don’t feel safe in their bodies.

Women don’t feel comfortable in their bodies

Women don’t feel at home - and if you can’t feel at home in yourself, you’ll never feel at home anywhere

The work of healing the woman (not to be confused with the feminine) is the work of helaing her root chakra 

You need to listen to our body, sister

You need to love her, nurture her, feed her wholesome food 

Use kind, soft words when speaking to and about her

You need to make her strong enough to be able to withstand the current of life as a woman

We need to L I S T E N to her- tap into the intuition that for centuries had women burned at the stake for witchcraft. It’s time to reconnect to our innate knowing. It’s time to reconnect with our emotions without being told to “calm down” 

It’s time to find strength in our empathy 

It’s time to find divinity in our ability to care for children and partners 

And while it goes isn’t as easy as a one hour yoga class and the work will take a while, it’s nice to have a safe place to start. The sooner you start, the sooner you heal

Namaste, sister 


Muladhara chakra otherwise known as root chakra 

Located at the base of the spine it is our foundation for all other chakras

It is the first chakra to fully develop and it is a physical chakra, as are the first three. It corresponds with this physical body and it’s need to be grounded, stable nourished, and safe. 

When this chakra is unbalanced it is very likely that all others are also unbalaced. Just as you can’t have a stable skyscraper without a solid foundation, you also cannot have balanced chakras if you’re root is off. 

Getting yourself balanced in your root not only frees up your mind to focus on more nuanced emotions and practices, but also ads a sense of calm and purpose to daily life. As Maslow‘s hierarchy of needs also points out, you need food, safety, and stability to be able to focus on the more complex needs of a person

Chakras are interesting because you can be simultaneously deficient and excessive in one or more chakras, which is confusing as all heck but it happens. 

When you ar deficient in this chakra you can be disconnected from your body, fearful, anxious, restless and have poor boundaries. Excessive in this chakra and you can fear change, have rigid boundaries, be overweight (to give yourself more security  and solidity), and have a material fixation on “stuff”.

Yoga is a great way to balance this chakra but it isn’t the only way.

Practices that connect you with your body,  allow you to feel strong, and ground you can also help balance. 

Walking in nature, sitting in meditation, lots of somatic practices like massage.

If you’re going the yoga route, grounding standing and seated postures will aide in balancing of this chakra. 

While this chakra is a physical one that responds well to physical practices meditation and mantra are also tools that can be wonderfully effective

I am whole

I am safe 

I am here

I am immersed in abundance 

I am enough 

I have enough

Are some of my favorite mantras

Everyone’s journey to healing is different because everyone’s journey to dysfunction was different. Whatever route you take to the top may it be fruitful and effective

Namaste, friend

mother's day

As a young woman I never had many female friendships. I was insecure in my budding womanhood. I was afraid and jealous. When I saw another woman sparkle I thought it took away from me. As I grew into my power I found myself craving female companionship . I would find women and befriend them but it wouldnt ever feel right- I was still competing. Judging, measuring myself and them. And none of us were ever enough in my eyes


It’s only recently that I’ve found fulfillment in my  female friendships. I have found my tribe of warrior goddesses. I have found that surrounding myself with  strong, powerful women doesn’t take away from my flame it only helps add to it. It helps keep it going when I feel it depleting. It keeps my embers hot

In the days leading up to my first Mother’s Day I reflect on how far I’ve come. How hard the journey was alone. I am so glad I now have a group of women to help me up the next mountain-motherhood. As I transition from maiden to mother- the mother of another woman- I  find comfort and support from the women around me. I am grateful and happy. 

Maybe you haven’t found your tribe yet. Maybe you’re still wandering maiden hood alone. I say, keep putting out what you want to attract. Eventually you’re tribe will find you. Vibrate higher so you can attract women that will help you grow, support you, inspire you. 

Honor the goddess in yourself. Love and be kind to her, feed her well, nourish her mind, hydrate her, help her relax. It’s only when you are ready that your women will come, so get ready.


Happy mother’s day To the creators of life thank you for your sacrifices 

I honor you on this day 


Promises, to you



I promise to (try and) be patient

I promise to let you fall so that you can learn to get back up

I promise to let you be yourself

I promise to read you stories

I promise to expose you to different cultures, races, and communities so you grow to be a citizen of the world with worldly views.

I promise to be ok (at least some of the time) with you speaking your mind because we need more strong people in this world- even if it is less convenient for me

I promise to let you have autonomy over your body

I promise to encourage you

I promise to trust you- I’ll give you opportunities to earn it

I promise to believe you

I promise to believe in you

I promise to tell you the truth- even if it’s hard, even if it isn’t what you want to hear

I promise to help you make good choices

I promise to honor the choices you make even when I may disagree with them

I promise to set boundaries

I promise to give you space when you need space and call bullshit on your boundaries when you don’t need space

I promise to know you well enough to know the difference

I promise to be a parent first and a friend second

I promise to give you opportunities to grow yourself

I promise that I will never stop growing MYself

I promise to love your father and show you how you should be loved

I promise to teach you the value of things, hard work, and earning your own way


I can’t promise it will be easy, but I can promise to love you.

Oh god-the love. I haven't met you, I’m not even pregnant with you yet, but how infinite my love for you already is.

They say we choose our parents for what they teach us in life, the good and the bad. I am not perfect, your dad is as close as i've seen to perfect and he's not perfect, I don't expect perfection from you,

but together, somehow this mismatch of imperfection fits perfectly.


"The time to be happy is now, and the place to be happy is here."

Robert Green Ingersol


How many times have I heard “If I could only lose ten pounds, then I’d be happy”, “If I could only get this promotion, then I’d be happy” IF this, THEN Happy. I wish I could shake everyone who has said this statement. I wish I could just knock that way of thinking right out of you life. What a waste of time and happiness!


Be happy now.


Be happy with the ten pounds and be happy when/if you lose them. Be happy in traffic. Be happy on Sundays when you have nothing to do but whatever you desire. Be happy during tax season. Be happy when everything goes wrong and be happy when everything goes right. Be happy regardless of the things going on around you because happiness has nothing to do with others and everything to do with you. True happiness can’t be taken away from you because you spilled your coffee or because you are running late. Happiness transcends your environment or your situation, true happiness is more a state of mind and being and less a temporary fleeting emotion.


Don’t wait on your happiness because before you know it, you’ve spent years and lifetimes waiting on the right conditions and sometimes your ‘right’ conditions never happen. The right condition is any condition. The right time is now, the right place is here.


You deserve this and only in accepting that fact will you allow yourself to feel it. This is important since only you can bestow it. Forget the time you wasted waiting-its gone. You have the rest of your life, start now. Get out of your own way to make room for joy. 


What is holding you back?

Open Letter to all the “Real Yogis”

When you say someone isn’t practicing “real” yoga what you are really doing is creating a separation between you and them. You are putting yourself in the category of “real Yogi” and them in the category of unreal yogi. Further separating and compartmentalizing things. Yoga means to yoke and here you are pulling shit apart and into neat little labled packages so that your ego has a way to know it’s place in a caste system that’s imagined and socially constructed ANYWAY.

Y’all are using these beautiful gifts to put people down instead of lifting people up.

Don’t judge someone on the ASANA they do, that’s not all there is to it. Are we forgetting that Ashtanga raja Vinyasa tatric yoga starts with AHIMSA. IT’S FIRST FOR A REASON, PEOPLE. Do no harm, do not partake in violence; physical, social, mental, emotional or otherwise.  If you feel like someone is shitting on yoga, TEACH THEM. And don’t go teaching from your high horse or your “holier than though” throne, teach from a place of love. Love for your yoga, love for yourself, and love for the student.

You know all those religious extremists that say “my religion is the only way to salvation, and if you don’t convert, I’ll hate you and kill you?” sub the word “religion” for yoga

My yoga is the only way to enlightenment and if you don’t practice it, I’ll talk shit about you, think less of you, and talk down to you.”  Is that “real” yoga?

Real yoga is so many things because there are so many different varieties of yogi.  Your yoga is just as sacred as that yoga-boxer out there, as that Ashtangi, as that Baptiste yogi, as that bhakti yogi, your yoga is just as sacred as my yoga. I honor you and your yoga.


Sincerely yours




To all you yogis and yoginis who already embody this, Props to you, you peaceful warriors, you. Thank you lighting the path with your love and life. 

Why I Teach Tween Girls Yoga

Why I teach Tween Yoga


There is an epidemic of women and girls who do not value themselves. Generations of women taught to be quiet, docile, and insecure; Generations of women told not to make men feel uncomfortable with their intelligence or leadership. Taught that other women are competition and are to be feared and knocked down.  Generations of women that heard “ Don’t be bossy.”  “ Don’t show off.” “Don’t be conceited.” Instead of “ Great leadership skills!”, “Good for you for knowing you’re worth.” “Be proud!”


I was once this woman, a woman who felt other women were a threat because I was not secure in my own femininity and power.  Yoga taught me a different way. Yoga taught me to thank my body, which I had been complaining about. The body I thought was too fat, too weak, not toned enough, not ____ enough, yoga taught me to appreciate it. Yoga gave me a self-confidence, self-love, self-empowerment that eventually translated in seeing myself in a whole new light. Once I discovered my own power I started to see all the ways I was tearing other women down, women who were suffering the same way I was.  I saw how I was a part of the problem.


I teach tween girls yoga so girls don’t ever have to fix the same issues it’s taken me (and continues to take me) years to fix. In class the girls learn about their own power before they get years of society and the media taking it away from them with doubt. They learn how to trust their own body and mind, they learn how to discern, and they learn to trust themselves. I make sure to tell the girls that they don’t have to do any postures they don’t want to do. I tell them to use their brains and their intuition to decide if something feels good or not.  Yoga teaches them to applaud each other’s triumphs and remove jealousy from the way they feel about others’ accomplishments. They grow strong, flexible and connected with themselves.   Yoga teaches them to explore, play and fail graciously. Yoga teaches them how a perceived failure is actually an opportunity to improve and succeed. Yoga teaches them that perseverance pays off and that trying and being kind to yourself and others is the most important thing- not the pose itself.  Yoga teaches them to honor and respect their bodies and boundaries now so that they can remember how special they are later in life.  So they can remember not to give away their power or even think their power comes from their sexuality. Yoga teaches girls their power comes from their character and actions.


In a time where kids are overcommitted, over tested, and bombarded with noise from media, games, school, TV, and each other, we take the time to meditate and slow down all that external noise to focus on breath.  I try to teach the girls to be ok with quiet and stillness so that they can cut through all the white noise to get to their own voices.  Learning to meditate young sets the tone for being able to meditate later in life. I teach them that quiet is not a punishment but a gift, a moment to collect their thoughts and energies, a moment to come back to themselves.


I teach tween yoga for every little girl that will one day be a woman. So that these girls can bring a new generation of confidence, love, support to the world. So that each little girl can grow into a woman who loves herself because anyone who cannot love themself cannot truly love others. I teach tween girls yoga for an elevation of love and acceptance in the world. 

Maybe one day we’ll realize we’re all in this together, until then, I teach. 

My Day Off: A List

cuddled pups upon waking

layed in bed for 25 minutes just staring at the ceiling and flipping over my pillow over and over to find the cool spot ( is it lied in bed? these things confuse me) 

made spinach, mushroom, and elmo cherry tomato scrambled eggs with a side of sweet potato home fries for breakfast

devoured breakfast

made a huge mess in the kitchen

Sipped coffee in the sunroom while covered in shih tzu

Listened to Audio-book while sipping coffee in the sun room while covered in shih tzu

spent 45 minutes looking up cute taxidermy mice on Instagram

spent 30 minutes looking up funny quotes and sayings on pinterest

bought ridiculously expensive headphones online because I'm very impressionable to marketing and shiny things. " you know what, I AM worth it"

looked at pictures of face transplants online and thanked god for my face and vowed to stop complaining about it

danced to a LOT of Beiber with the dogs 

realized dogs hate to dance and it was probably some form of animal cruelty so danced while the dogs watched

started to get really depressed for absolutely no reason

felt an overwhelming sadness come over me that i could not lift

cancelled appointments

ordered dominoes

went to bed

didn't get out of bed

still thankful for my face



I know it ends as a bummer but sometimes that's real life. The best part is knowing that tomorrow I'll be fine ( hopefully) and if not tomorrow the day after, and if not the day after tomorrow... the day after that. Because it always does get better and it always will. Even if right now I can't see that tomorrow.




just five minutes

I just need a minute. Just one minute. To gather my thoughts, to do nothing but breathe. Well... let's be real I need like, five minutes. 

Today I'll give myself the gift of five glorious minutes of pause. Five minutes of inhales and exhales. Five minutes of silence- both external and internal. Because I can do that for myself. Because I value my sanity and need some time to recharge. I need some time to ground myself before I go fucking nuts... or, rather, before I go MORE fucking nuts. Society can only handle me at so much percent fucking nuts. Like, usually I'm about 65%. You can't go full retard. 

in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. 


r   e  l  e  a  s  e




( Disclamer: I actually really dislike the word retard but I was quoting a movie so don't get your jock strap in a twist, internet)


Turkey Day Travel Essential

My aunt was kind enough to buy RC and I tickets to go to Florida to visit with family this Thanksgiving.  I love the idea of traveling, I love the destinations, I love the break from the mundane; I however, despise the actual act of traveling. Airports are gross, TSA is a pain in my proverbial balls, and sitting in close quarters with a bunch of strangers for hours isn't my idea of a fun way to spend some time. 

Thankfully, I will be prepared. Here are my turkey day travel essentials.


I have a sensitive nose and people smell. My newest obsessions are Sambuca Roll-ons. I am in love with them all but since i'll have limited space in my bag, I'll bring my two favorites "Grateful" and "Uplift"



Lululemon "Follow Your Bliss Bag". I recently just purchased this and it's a lifesaver. Stylish, with TONS of compartments and cute little sayings on most of the pockets. It's like the cargo pants of travel bags, but without the screaming of "I'm douchey" that comes from wearing cargo pants. 




american gods book.jpg



Currently reading "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. I haven't really had a chance to read a lot lately. I've been listening to audio books just because I've been so busy (chasing paper obviously).  I'm looking forward to getting this read both on the plane and during down time while I'm in Florida. This author really is unique and so fun to read. I can't wait!






I'll also be wearing stretchy pants exclusively. I plan on eating my weights worth in turkey and leftovers. Happy Holidays Y'all


namaste, friend

A Life of Enough

To me, quality of life is what matters most. There is an epidemic of "hungry" people, working their lives away, trying to accumulate as much wealth as they can. I am grateful for people like that.  People like that have made this country great. They have made America a success; we are the wealthiest, strongest, the most powerful of countries.  With all that wealth I can't help but ask, are we the happiest?

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Namaste, Friend

As I say hello to a new blog, I say hello to new readers. I love new things, so fresh, unused, and crisp. Blank pages, thoughts yet to be written down; so much promise and possibility. So many happy moments waiting to be shared, tiny little trivialities that end up making a whole life. But I’m getting ahead of myself; after all, this is only our first encounter.

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