mother's day

As a young woman I never had many female friendships. I was insecure in my budding womanhood. I was afraid and jealous. When I saw another woman sparkle I thought it took away from me. As I grew into my power I found myself craving female companionship . I would find women and befriend them but it wouldnt ever feel right- I was still competing. Judging, measuring myself and them. And none of us were ever enough in my eyes


It’s only recently that I’ve found fulfillment in my  female friendships. I have found my tribe of warrior goddesses. I have found that surrounding myself with  strong, powerful women doesn’t take away from my flame it only helps add to it. It helps keep it going when I feel it depleting. It keeps my embers hot

In the days leading up to my first Mother’s Day I reflect on how far I’ve come. How hard the journey was alone. I am so glad I now have a group of women to help me up the next mountain-motherhood. As I transition from maiden to mother- the mother of another woman- I  find comfort and support from the women around me. I am grateful and happy. 

Maybe you haven’t found your tribe yet. Maybe you’re still wandering maiden hood alone. I say, keep putting out what you want to attract. Eventually you’re tribe will find you. Vibrate higher so you can attract women that will help you grow, support you, inspire you. 

Honor the goddess in yourself. Love and be kind to her, feed her well, nourish her mind, hydrate her, help her relax. It’s only when you are ready that your women will come, so get ready.


Happy mother’s day To the creators of life thank you for your sacrifices 

I honor you on this day 


Promises, to you



I promise to (try and) be patient

I promise to let you fall so that you can learn to get back up

I promise to let you be yourself

I promise to read you stories

I promise to expose you to different cultures, races, and communities so you grow to be a citizen of the world with worldly views.

I promise to be ok (at least some of the time) with you speaking your mind because we need more strong people in this world- even if it is less convenient for me

I promise to let you have autonomy over your body

I promise to encourage you

I promise to trust you- I’ll give you opportunities to earn it

I promise to believe you

I promise to believe in you

I promise to tell you the truth- even if it’s hard, even if it isn’t what you want to hear

I promise to help you make good choices

I promise to honor the choices you make even when I may disagree with them

I promise to set boundaries

I promise to give you space when you need space and call bullshit on your boundaries when you don’t need space

I promise to know you well enough to know the difference

I promise to be a parent first and a friend second

I promise to give you opportunities to grow yourself

I promise that I will never stop growing MYself

I promise to love your father and show you how you should be loved

I promise to teach you the value of things, hard work, and earning your own way


I can’t promise it will be easy, but I can promise to love you.

Oh god-the love. I haven't met you, I’m not even pregnant with you yet, but how infinite my love for you already is.

They say we choose our parents for what they teach us in life, the good and the bad. I am not perfect, your dad is as close as i've seen to perfect and he's not perfect, I don't expect perfection from you,

but together, somehow this mismatch of imperfection fits perfectly.


"The time to be happy is now, and the place to be happy is here."

Robert Green Ingersol


How many times have I heard “If I could only lose ten pounds, then I’d be happy”, “If I could only get this promotion, then I’d be happy” IF this, THEN Happy. I wish I could shake everyone who has said this statement. I wish I could just knock that way of thinking right out of you life. What a waste of time and happiness!


Be happy now.


Be happy with the ten pounds and be happy when/if you lose them. Be happy in traffic. Be happy on Sundays when you have nothing to do but whatever you desire. Be happy during tax season. Be happy when everything goes wrong and be happy when everything goes right. Be happy regardless of the things going on around you because happiness has nothing to do with others and everything to do with you. True happiness can’t be taken away from you because you spilled your coffee or because you are running late. Happiness transcends your environment or your situation, true happiness is more a state of mind and being and less a temporary fleeting emotion.


Don’t wait on your happiness because before you know it, you’ve spent years and lifetimes waiting on the right conditions and sometimes your ‘right’ conditions never happen. The right condition is any condition. The right time is now, the right place is here.


You deserve this and only in accepting that fact will you allow yourself to feel it. This is important since only you can bestow it. Forget the time you wasted waiting-its gone. You have the rest of your life, start now. Get out of your own way to make room for joy. 


What is holding you back?

Open Letter to all the “Real Yogis”

When you say someone isn’t practicing “real” yoga what you are really doing is creating a separation between you and them. You are putting yourself in the category of “real Yogi” and them in the category of unreal yogi. Further separating and compartmentalizing things. Yoga means to yoke and here you are pulling shit apart and into neat little labled packages so that your ego has a way to know it’s place in a caste system that’s imagined and socially constructed ANYWAY.

Y’all are using these beautiful gifts to put people down instead of lifting people up.

Don’t judge someone on the ASANA they do, that’s not all there is to it. Are we forgetting that Ashtanga raja Vinyasa tatric yoga starts with AHIMSA. IT’S FIRST FOR A REASON, PEOPLE. Do no harm, do not partake in violence; physical, social, mental, emotional or otherwise.  If you feel like someone is shitting on yoga, TEACH THEM. And don’t go teaching from your high horse or your “holier than though” throne, teach from a place of love. Love for your yoga, love for yourself, and love for the student.

You know all those religious extremists that say “my religion is the only way to salvation, and if you don’t convert, I’ll hate you and kill you?” sub the word “religion” for yoga

My yoga is the only way to enlightenment and if you don’t practice it, I’ll talk shit about you, think less of you, and talk down to you.”  Is that “real” yoga?

Real yoga is so many things because there are so many different varieties of yogi.  Your yoga is just as sacred as that yoga-boxer out there, as that Ashtangi, as that Baptiste yogi, as that bhakti yogi, your yoga is just as sacred as my yoga. I honor you and your yoga.


Sincerely yours




To all you yogis and yoginis who already embody this, Props to you, you peaceful warriors, you. Thank you lighting the path with your love and life. 

Why I Teach Tween Girls Yoga

Why I teach Tween Yoga


There is an epidemic of women and girls who do not value themselves. Generations of women taught to be quiet, docile, and insecure; Generations of women told not to make men feel uncomfortable with their intelligence or leadership. Taught that other women are competition and are to be feared and knocked down.  Generations of women that heard “ Don’t be bossy.”  “ Don’t show off.” “Don’t be conceited.” Instead of “ Great leadership skills!”, “Good for you for knowing you’re worth.” “Be proud!”


I was once this woman, a woman who felt other women were a threat because I was not secure in my own femininity and power.  Yoga taught me a different way. Yoga taught me to thank my body, which I had been complaining about. The body I thought was too fat, too weak, not toned enough, not ____ enough, yoga taught me to appreciate it. Yoga gave me a self-confidence, self-love, self-empowerment that eventually translated in seeing myself in a whole new light. Once I discovered my own power I started to see all the ways I was tearing other women down, women who were suffering the same way I was.  I saw how I was a part of the problem.


I teach tween girls yoga so girls don’t ever have to fix the same issues it’s taken me (and continues to take me) years to fix. In class the girls learn about their own power before they get years of society and the media taking it away from them with doubt. They learn how to trust their own body and mind, they learn how to discern, and they learn to trust themselves. I make sure to tell the girls that they don’t have to do any postures they don’t want to do. I tell them to use their brains and their intuition to decide if something feels good or not.  Yoga teaches them to applaud each other’s triumphs and remove jealousy from the way they feel about others’ accomplishments. They grow strong, flexible and connected with themselves.   Yoga teaches them to explore, play and fail graciously. Yoga teaches them how a perceived failure is actually an opportunity to improve and succeed. Yoga teaches them that perseverance pays off and that trying and being kind to yourself and others is the most important thing- not the pose itself.  Yoga teaches them to honor and respect their bodies and boundaries now so that they can remember how special they are later in life.  So they can remember not to give away their power or even think their power comes from their sexuality. Yoga teaches girls their power comes from their character and actions.


In a time where kids are overcommitted, over tested, and bombarded with noise from media, games, school, TV, and each other, we take the time to meditate and slow down all that external noise to focus on breath.  I try to teach the girls to be ok with quiet and stillness so that they can cut through all the white noise to get to their own voices.  Learning to meditate young sets the tone for being able to meditate later in life. I teach them that quiet is not a punishment but a gift, a moment to collect their thoughts and energies, a moment to come back to themselves.


I teach tween yoga for every little girl that will one day be a woman. So that these girls can bring a new generation of confidence, love, support to the world. So that each little girl can grow into a woman who loves herself because anyone who cannot love themself cannot truly love others. I teach tween girls yoga for an elevation of love and acceptance in the world. 

Maybe one day we’ll realize we’re all in this together, until then, I teach. 

My Day Off: A List

cuddled pups upon waking

layed in bed for 25 minutes just staring at the ceiling and flipping over my pillow over and over to find the cool spot ( is it lied in bed? these things confuse me) 

made spinach, mushroom, and elmo cherry tomato scrambled eggs with a side of sweet potato home fries for breakfast

devoured breakfast

made a huge mess in the kitchen

Sipped coffee in the sunroom while covered in shih tzu

Listened to Audio-book while sipping coffee in the sun room while covered in shih tzu

spent 45 minutes looking up cute taxidermy mice on Instagram

spent 30 minutes looking up funny quotes and sayings on pinterest

bought ridiculously expensive headphones online because I'm very impressionable to marketing and shiny things. " you know what, I AM worth it"

looked at pictures of face transplants online and thanked god for my face and vowed to stop complaining about it

danced to a LOT of Beiber with the dogs 

realized dogs hate to dance and it was probably some form of animal cruelty so danced while the dogs watched

started to get really depressed for absolutely no reason

felt an overwhelming sadness come over me that i could not lift

cancelled appointments

ordered dominoes

went to bed

didn't get out of bed

still thankful for my face



I know it ends as a bummer but sometimes that's real life. The best part is knowing that tomorrow I'll be fine ( hopefully) and if not tomorrow the day after, and if not the day after tomorrow... the day after that. Because it always does get better and it always will. Even if right now I can't see that tomorrow.




just five minutes

I just need a minute. Just one minute. To gather my thoughts, to do nothing but breathe. Well... let's be real I need like, five minutes. 

Today I'll give myself the gift of five glorious minutes of pause. Five minutes of inhales and exhales. Five minutes of silence- both external and internal. Because I can do that for myself. Because I value my sanity and need some time to recharge. I need some time to ground myself before I go fucking nuts... or, rather, before I go MORE fucking nuts. Society can only handle me at so much percent fucking nuts. Like, usually I'm about 65%. You can't go full retard. 

in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. in. out. 


r   e  l  e  a  s  e




( Disclamer: I actually really dislike the word retard but I was quoting a movie so don't get your jock strap in a twist, internet)


Turkey Day Travel Essential

My aunt was kind enough to buy RC and I tickets to go to Florida to visit with family this Thanksgiving.  I love the idea of traveling, I love the destinations, I love the break from the mundane; I however, despise the actual act of traveling. Airports are gross, TSA is a pain in my proverbial balls, and sitting in close quarters with a bunch of strangers for hours isn't my idea of a fun way to spend some time. 

Thankfully, I will be prepared. Here are my turkey day travel essentials.


I have a sensitive nose and people smell. My newest obsessions are Sambuca Roll-ons. I am in love with them all but since i'll have limited space in my bag, I'll bring my two favorites "Grateful" and "Uplift"



Lululemon "Follow Your Bliss Bag". I recently just purchased this and it's a lifesaver. Stylish, with TONS of compartments and cute little sayings on most of the pockets. It's like the cargo pants of travel bags, but without the screaming of "I'm douchey" that comes from wearing cargo pants. 




american gods book.jpg



Currently reading "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. I haven't really had a chance to read a lot lately. I've been listening to audio books just because I've been so busy (chasing paper obviously).  I'm looking forward to getting this read both on the plane and during down time while I'm in Florida. This author really is unique and so fun to read. I can't wait!






I'll also be wearing stretchy pants exclusively. I plan on eating my weights worth in turkey and leftovers. Happy Holidays Y'all


namaste, friend

A Life of Enough

To me, quality of life is what matters most. There is an epidemic of "hungry" people, working their lives away, trying to accumulate as much wealth as they can. I am grateful for people like that.  People like that have made this country great. They have made America a success; we are the wealthiest, strongest, the most powerful of countries.  With all that wealth I can't help but ask, are we the happiest?

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Namaste, Friend

As I say hello to a new blog, I say hello to new readers. I love new things, so fresh, unused, and crisp. Blank pages, thoughts yet to be written down; so much promise and possibility. So many happy moments waiting to be shared, tiny little trivialities that end up making a whole life. But I’m getting ahead of myself; after all, this is only our first encounter.

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