My Day Off: A List

cuddled pups upon waking

layed in bed for 25 minutes just staring at the ceiling and flipping over my pillow over and over to find the cool spot ( is it lied in bed? these things confuse me) 

made spinach, mushroom, and elmo cherry tomato scrambled eggs with a side of sweet potato home fries for breakfast

devoured breakfast

made a huge mess in the kitchen

Sipped coffee in the sunroom while covered in shih tzu

Listened to Audio-book while sipping coffee in the sun room while covered in shih tzu

spent 45 minutes looking up cute taxidermy mice on Instagram

spent 30 minutes looking up funny quotes and sayings on pinterest

bought ridiculously expensive headphones online because I'm very impressionable to marketing and shiny things. " you know what, I AM worth it"

looked at pictures of face transplants online and thanked god for my face and vowed to stop complaining about it

danced to a LOT of Beiber with the dogs 

realized dogs hate to dance and it was probably some form of animal cruelty so danced while the dogs watched

started to get really depressed for absolutely no reason

felt an overwhelming sadness come over me that i could not lift

cancelled appointments

ordered dominoes

went to bed

didn't get out of bed

still thankful for my face



I know it ends as a bummer but sometimes that's real life. The best part is knowing that tomorrow I'll be fine ( hopefully) and if not tomorrow the day after, and if not the day after tomorrow... the day after that. Because it always does get better and it always will. Even if right now I can't see that tomorrow.