Open Letter to all the “Real Yogis”

When you say someone isn’t practicing “real” yoga what you are really doing is creating a separation between you and them. You are putting yourself in the category of “real Yogi” and them in the category of unreal yogi. Further separating and compartmentalizing things. Yoga means to yoke and here you are pulling shit apart and into neat little labled packages so that your ego has a way to know it’s place in a caste system that’s imagined and socially constructed ANYWAY.

Y’all are using these beautiful gifts to put people down instead of lifting people up.

Don’t judge someone on the ASANA they do, that’s not all there is to it. Are we forgetting that Ashtanga raja Vinyasa tatric yoga starts with AHIMSA. IT’S FIRST FOR A REASON, PEOPLE. Do no harm, do not partake in violence; physical, social, mental, emotional or otherwise.  If you feel like someone is shitting on yoga, TEACH THEM. And don’t go teaching from your high horse or your “holier than though” throne, teach from a place of love. Love for your yoga, love for yourself, and love for the student.

You know all those religious extremists that say “my religion is the only way to salvation, and if you don’t convert, I’ll hate you and kill you?” sub the word “religion” for yoga

My yoga is the only way to enlightenment and if you don’t practice it, I’ll talk shit about you, think less of you, and talk down to you.”  Is that “real” yoga?

Real yoga is so many things because there are so many different varieties of yogi.  Your yoga is just as sacred as that yoga-boxer out there, as that Ashtangi, as that Baptiste yogi, as that bhakti yogi, your yoga is just as sacred as my yoga. I honor you and your yoga.


Sincerely yours




To all you yogis and yoginis who already embody this, Props to you, you peaceful warriors, you. Thank you lighting the path with your love and life.