"The time to be happy is now, and the place to be happy is here."

Robert Green Ingersol


How many times have I heard “If I could only lose ten pounds, then I’d be happy”, “If I could only get this promotion, then I’d be happy” IF this, THEN Happy. I wish I could shake everyone who has said this statement. I wish I could just knock that way of thinking right out of you life. What a waste of time and happiness!


Be happy now.


Be happy with the ten pounds and be happy when/if you lose them. Be happy in traffic. Be happy on Sundays when you have nothing to do but whatever you desire. Be happy during tax season. Be happy when everything goes wrong and be happy when everything goes right. Be happy regardless of the things going on around you because happiness has nothing to do with others and everything to do with you. True happiness can’t be taken away from you because you spilled your coffee or because you are running late. Happiness transcends your environment or your situation, true happiness is more a state of mind and being and less a temporary fleeting emotion.


Don’t wait on your happiness because before you know it, you’ve spent years and lifetimes waiting on the right conditions and sometimes your ‘right’ conditions never happen. The right condition is any condition. The right time is now, the right place is here.


You deserve this and only in accepting that fact will you allow yourself to feel it. This is important since only you can bestow it. Forget the time you wasted waiting-its gone. You have the rest of your life, start now. Get out of your own way to make room for joy. 


What is holding you back?