A Life of Enough

To me, quality of life is what matters most. There is an epidemic of "hungry" people, working their lives away, trying to accumulate as much wealth as they can. I am grateful for people like that.  People like that have made this country great. They have made America a success; we are the wealthiest, strongest, the most powerful of countries.  With all that wealth I can't help but ask, are we the happiest? The research shows time and time again that we are not, not even close. For all our power and wealth, happiness seems to slip away from us. You frequently hear the old adage "Money cannot buy happiness", why then, do we insist on proving it wrong? Why do we work ourselves to death for stuff that wont give us but a momentary glimpse of happiness? Why are we never satisfied with ourselves and the wealth we already have?

The life of "More" is not the life for me.  I want a life of enough.  This is not usually what you hear from a small business owner. Usually, small business owners are diligent, hard working, sacrificing social lives and sleep for their dreams and their businesses. I work hard, I sacrifice sleep and most of my social life but there are things I am not willing to give up. I close from 2pm-5 pm, every week day. I close early on Friday's, I have someone work for me on Sunday's so I don't have to. Sometimes, I come to work late.  I play with my dogs, I do yoga on my deck, I make great meals. I enjoy this life I have while I have it.


I'll be satisfied with enough. Not many people are anymore. But enough is more than ok with me. Enough allows you to have an end, to live the life you've been so diligently working for. When you can be satisfied with enough, you know when to stop, breath, live, enjoy the moments. The parts of the whole- the moments that usually fly past, forgotten.. to busy to have taken note. I want to remember them all. I want to keep all of those moments in my pocket so that at the end of my life I can spread them out across the floor and say, "This was my life, wasn't it lovely. Wasn't it filled with the ordinary and the extraordinary. Wasn't it saturated with love and sunlight. It sure was great." Yes sir, that's what I want... just enough.