Turkey Day Travel Essential

My aunt was kind enough to buy RC and I tickets to go to Florida to visit with family this Thanksgiving.  I love the idea of traveling, I love the destinations, I love the break from the mundane; I however, despise the actual act of traveling. Airports are gross, TSA is a pain in my proverbial balls, and sitting in close quarters with a bunch of strangers for hours isn't my idea of a fun way to spend some time. 

Thankfully, I will be prepared. Here are my turkey day travel essentials.


I have a sensitive nose and people smell. My newest obsessions are Sambuca Roll-ons. I am in love with them all but since i'll have limited space in my bag, I'll bring my two favorites "Grateful" and "Uplift"



Lululemon "Follow Your Bliss Bag". I recently just purchased this and it's a lifesaver. Stylish, with TONS of compartments and cute little sayings on most of the pockets. It's like the cargo pants of travel bags, but without the screaming of "I'm douchey" that comes from wearing cargo pants. 




american gods book.jpg



Currently reading "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. I haven't really had a chance to read a lot lately. I've been listening to audio books just because I've been so busy (chasing paper obviously).  I'm looking forward to getting this read both on the plane and during down time while I'm in Florida. This author really is unique and so fun to read. I can't wait!






I'll also be wearing stretchy pants exclusively. I plan on eating my weights worth in turkey and leftovers. Happy Holidays Y'all


namaste, friend