Promises, to you



I promise to (try and) be patient

I promise to let you fall so that you can learn to get back up

I promise to let you be yourself

I promise to read you stories

I promise to expose you to different cultures, races, and communities so you grow to be a citizen of the world with worldly views.

I promise to be ok (at least some of the time) with you speaking your mind because we need more strong people in this world- even if it is less convenient for me

I promise to let you have autonomy over your body

I promise to encourage you

I promise to trust you- I’ll give you opportunities to earn it

I promise to believe you

I promise to believe in you

I promise to tell you the truth- even if it’s hard, even if it isn’t what you want to hear

I promise to help you make good choices

I promise to honor the choices you make even when I may disagree with them

I promise to set boundaries

I promise to give you space when you need space and call bullshit on your boundaries when you don’t need space

I promise to know you well enough to know the difference

I promise to be a parent first and a friend second

I promise to give you opportunities to grow yourself

I promise that I will never stop growing MYself

I promise to love your father and show you how you should be loved

I promise to teach you the value of things, hard work, and earning your own way


I can’t promise it will be easy, but I can promise to love you.

Oh god-the love. I haven't met you, I’m not even pregnant with you yet, but how infinite my love for you already is.

They say we choose our parents for what they teach us in life, the good and the bad. I am not perfect, your dad is as close as i've seen to perfect and he's not perfect, I don't expect perfection from you,

but together, somehow this mismatch of imperfection fits perfectly.