mother's day

As a young woman I never had many female friendships. I was insecure in my budding womanhood. I was afraid and jealous. When I saw another woman sparkle I thought it took away from me. As I grew into my power I found myself craving female companionship . I would find women and befriend them but it wouldnt ever feel right- I was still competing. Judging, measuring myself and them. And none of us were ever enough in my eyes


It’s only recently that I’ve found fulfillment in my  female friendships. I have found my tribe of warrior goddesses. I have found that surrounding myself with  strong, powerful women doesn’t take away from my flame it only helps add to it. It helps keep it going when I feel it depleting. It keeps my embers hot

In the days leading up to my first Mother’s Day I reflect on how far I’ve come. How hard the journey was alone. I am so glad I now have a group of women to help me up the next mountain-motherhood. As I transition from maiden to mother- the mother of another woman- I  find comfort and support from the women around me. I am grateful and happy. 

Maybe you haven’t found your tribe yet. Maybe you’re still wandering maiden hood alone. I say, keep putting out what you want to attract. Eventually you’re tribe will find you. Vibrate higher so you can attract women that will help you grow, support you, inspire you. 

Honor the goddess in yourself. Love and be kind to her, feed her well, nourish her mind, hydrate her, help her relax. It’s only when you are ready that your women will come, so get ready.


Happy mother’s day To the creators of life thank you for your sacrifices 

I honor you on this day