Muladhara chakra otherwise known as root chakra 

Located at the base of the spine it is our foundation for all other chakras

It is the first chakra to fully develop and it is a physical chakra, as are the first three. It corresponds with this physical body and it’s need to be grounded, stable nourished, and safe. 

When this chakra is unbalanced it is very likely that all others are also unbalaced. Just as you can’t have a stable skyscraper without a solid foundation, you also cannot have balanced chakras if you’re root is off. 

Getting yourself balanced in your root not only frees up your mind to focus on more nuanced emotions and practices, but also ads a sense of calm and purpose to daily life. As Maslow‘s hierarchy of needs also points out, you need food, safety, and stability to be able to focus on the more complex needs of a person

Chakras are interesting because you can be simultaneously deficient and excessive in one or more chakras, which is confusing as all heck but it happens. 

When you ar deficient in this chakra you can be disconnected from your body, fearful, anxious, restless and have poor boundaries. Excessive in this chakra and you can fear change, have rigid boundaries, be overweight (to give yourself more security  and solidity), and have a material fixation on “stuff”.

Yoga is a great way to balance this chakra but it isn’t the only way.

Practices that connect you with your body,  allow you to feel strong, and ground you can also help balance. 

Walking in nature, sitting in meditation, lots of somatic practices like massage.

If you’re going the yoga route, grounding standing and seated postures will aide in balancing of this chakra. 

While this chakra is a physical one that responds well to physical practices meditation and mantra are also tools that can be wonderfully effective

I am whole

I am safe 

I am here

I am immersed in abundance 

I am enough 

I have enough

Are some of my favorite mantras

Everyone’s journey to healing is different because everyone’s journey to dysfunction was different. Whatever route you take to the top may it be fruitful and effective

Namaste, friend