Muladhara pt 2: women

Muladhara chakra expansion

For women

Women are complex beautiful creatures. I never really appreciated my womanhood until yoga, specifically until my prenatal training. There is something powerful in our sensitivity and our softness. Prenatal training opened me up to the awesome power of women to create and sustain life. It opened me up to my power which had been taken from me many, many times.

While the root chakra can be dysfunctional for everyone I believe that most women have root chakra issues because of the nature of being a woman in our world 

A person with a balanced root chakra is comfortable and safe in their body

In a world where #metoo has spread like wildfire; shedding light on something women knew without the use of hsaatags, how could we not be?

In a world where a woman is judged by the pounds of flesh on her body, how can we not? In a world where a woman’s birth is regulated by male doctors and people who supposedly “know better” than her instinct, how can we not? When a woman is told from birth that she is the weaker sex, how can we not? In a time when 1 out of 4 women will be assaulted in her lifetime, how can we not?

As a species we have given our women root chakra imbalances for generations.

Women don’t feel safe in their bodies.

Women don’t feel comfortable in their bodies

Women don’t feel at home - and if you can’t feel at home in yourself, you’ll never feel at home anywhere

The work of healing the woman (not to be confused with the feminine) is the work of helaing her root chakra 

You need to listen to our body, sister

You need to love her, nurture her, feed her wholesome food 

Use kind, soft words when speaking to and about her

You need to make her strong enough to be able to withstand the current of life as a woman

We need to L I S T E N to her- tap into the intuition that for centuries had women burned at the stake for witchcraft. It’s time to reconnect to our innate knowing. It’s time to reconnect with our emotions without being told to “calm down” 

It’s time to find strength in our empathy 

It’s time to find divinity in our ability to care for children and partners 

And while it goes isn’t as easy as a one hour yoga class and the work will take a while, it’s nice to have a safe place to start. The sooner you start, the sooner you heal

Namaste, sister