Once a creature has established its safety and foundations, it will usually seek pleasure.

Swathisthana, or the sacral chakra is located two fingers underneath your belly button. its element is water and it’s color is orange.

A person with a healthy and balanced sacral chakra has emotional intelligence, the ability to experience pleasure without guilt, exercises healthy boundaries and is able to nurture themselves and others.

A person with a deficiency in this chakra is rigid in body and attitudes, denies them self pleasure, fears change, and lacks desire or passion

a person with an excessive sacral chakra acts out sexually, is addicted to pleasure, is ruled by their emotions, has poor boundaries and frequently invades other’s boundaries, is manipulative in seduction, and has obsessive attachments.

“when pleasure is denied we disown our right to it, we feel guilty for wanting it and ashamed of having it” ( judith)

without consciousness, emotions govern our reactions

As a species we have somehow managed to associate all that is feminine with weakness and turbulence and all that is masculine with stoic strength and stability; these are corrupted versions of the actual masculine and feminine. In this corruption and misunderstanding of the masculine, hyper sexualization & using sex and sexuality as a weapon have become commonplace. The woman who uses her sexuality as a tool of dominance and power to show that she’s “just like a guy” (because men have the power, supposedly) and can have sex with whomever without any emotions. This is a distortion and manipulation of sexuality common with excess in the sacral chakra.

The man who doesn’t let anyone in to the emotional part of himself because he “has none”. The man who denies his emotions because they are seen as womanly and weak. Men are only allowed to express anger in our culture. When anger is all you have and all you are culturally accepted to feel, you get angry. But this anger becomes this distorted warped anger. Not an anger that serves us and teaches us, but one that becomes a poison. It’s no wonder we have so many men exploiting women- they have no power over themselves ( because they will always feel, no matter how much they try to deny that part of themselves) so they are seeking power over someone else to help ease that wanting. This does no one any good, not a man or a woman- because sex is sacred and can only really be a tool of healing and love when done with someone whom you are vulnerable and raw with when you can be honest and open with your pleasure and your desires.

when we deny ourselves pleasure or anything we bury the part of us that wants and allow it to become something shameful and something that we associate with our shadow self. But just as anyone who has gone on a diet and denied themselves cake does nothing but obsess over cake- so too is the denial of pleasure only bringing attention to the desire and the lack of. Eventually your shadow comes up and you have to deal all that you’ve disconnected from your main identity.

we heal this chakra by feeling. We feel our emotions, we feel our body, we feel and own our pleasure. When you stop denying what you feel you allow yourself the process of working through it. Remove guilt, feel your feelings, enjoy pleasure, and listen to what your body is saying.

namaste yogis