Manipura Chakra

Manipura, also known as the Solar Plexus chakra is the third chakra in this series. It resides at the solar plexus, its color is yellow, its demon is shame, and it’s element is fire.

A balanced Manipura results in a person who is responsible, reliable, has good self-esteem, warmth in personality, is playful, has appropriate self-discipline, they have sense of their own personal power and is able to meet challenges.

Being deficient in this chakra shows up as lower energy, weak will, poor self-discipline. The person with a decadency in third chakra will have a victim mentality and will always blame others for every negative circumstance.

Being excessive in this chakra a person will be overly aggressive, dominating, controlling, a person who always needs to be right. A master manipulator, who throws temper tantrum, is arrogant, and violent outburst. this person will frequently blow their top. they have some form of strength but they are being consumed by it instead of wielding it with control. Strength without control lacks power.

Power is a funny thing. In our society we are always trying to get more of it, suffering when we lose it, and obsessing over those who have it. 

The thing is, the way we see power in our society is not how true power is held.

We think of power as power over something or someone situation when real power is power of self. The ability to take action, have discipline, good boundaries, good self esteem, and motivation, that’s power, the power of self actualization. Manipuri chakra deals with true power. Manipuri is the chakra of transformation and will, it takes the chakras below it, and uses will to take action. 

Manipuri chakra takes us out of the selfish and into the service.

The ego gets a bad rap in many philosophies but like anything, it just requires awareness and moderation. Without ego we would waste away, why take care of yourself if not for ego. Why strive to be better or be in a community if not for ego. It’s when ego takes over that ego is dangerous. Yes, we are part of the cosmic greatness and we are all one. Without ego, we become overwhelmed by the vastness of it all. Without ego, we feel small and inconsequential. A strong balanced third chakra tells ego, that yes we are all part of the bigger picture but we are an important component of that picture. 

No matter what you believe, we are here for a reason. Whether that be to be good people, worship a God, be of service, reach nirvana, or whatever, we are here now to learn. Struggle is here to make us stronger, compassionate and to make us grow. Without power, struggle crushes us, leaves us despondent and withered. Without the chakra of power ego rules unchecked and struggle becomes our life. Manipura chakra sets us up in our own power so that when we go into other chakras of love , kindness, intuition, sight, we are not crushed by the negativity of the world. we are uplifted because first chakra grounds us, second chakra allows us to FEEL, and third chakra ignites our action and will. Without these and especially without manipura, we cannot DO or serve. Without Manipura there is no fire igniting the furnace of action. That is what this “lustrous gem” does, provides energy, power, and self confidence to be able to produce action.

Cultivate your TRUE power, live in your authenticity, create, love, be who you are meant to be.

Third chakra in addition to the first two are the physical ones, the ones who tie us to our animal self: Not in a negative sense, just in as an observation of truth. We have so much more, we have divinity within us, we have compassion, those are upper chakras. The lower ones are sturdy and grounding, full of power and vitality.

Some mantras for third chakra that i like

i cultivate my power

I wield my power easily

i am a creature of action and intention

The fire in my belly fuels the action and purpose of my life

namaste, friends