New Year Visualization

I like the new year, it gives us a chance for new beginnings and a fresh start. Sure you can start fresh any time, there is no optimal time because all time is optimal to do do more or “start fresh”,But there is something grand about starting a new year and using that marker of time to make your changes more significant.

I’m sharing a visualization that has been especially powerful for me during new beginnings. If you think you’re too busy, I assure you, you’re not too busy for this.

I like to do this in the shower but it can be done anywhere. I prefer water but you can use oil or smoke.

As I wash my hair I visualize and say out loud (in your head is fine too)

I wash away all false thoughts to make room for the truth

As I wash my face, I wash away the mask of self that I show to the world so that I can show my true self as I am

As I wash my shoulders, I cleanse myself of burdens that have been weighing me down without helping me evolve in some way

As I wash my chest, I cleanse away the hatred in my heart to make room for love; Of myself and those around me 

As I wash my mouth, I cleanse myself of unkind words or falsehoods to make room for the glorious truth

As I cleanse my belly, I wash away the judgement of myself so that I can make room for my power to grow and fill the cracks that doubt has left

As I wash my feet and legs , I cleanse myself from the mud I have walked into in any way and with clean feet and legs I carry myself into change free from burdens and pain. 

Then as I let the water run over me I imagine being covered in glowing love, abundance, and truth. 

The words are not important. These words worked for me because they are what I needed to visualize. You could visualize the water cleansing stress away, making way for peace to shine. You could imagine cleansing yourself of debt and having abundance cover you. You can wash your hands and imagine cleansing yourself of any stuck feelings to allow for opportunities. The power doesn’t reside in the words, it resides in the visualization.

It doesn’t take long and is very effective. You’re going to shower anyway, might as well cleanse yourself while you’re there. Our minds are powerful, speak your ideal  reality and watch it become truth. Envision what you want and watch it appear. But be aware that if there’s no room for your abundance, it won’t have anywhere to settle. Make room for what you want, get rid of what weighs you down or blocks your way.

Happy new beginnings 

Namaste, friend