Feminine Energy is Making a Comeback, Y'all

I’ve been “pulling cards” for several years now and recently I have started trying to really understand the cards more than just being a casual observer of the cards I pull. Recently I pulled the card “The Moon”. The moon card is the card of feminine power and energy. Traditionally when you pulled this card it was a sign that deception was afoot or that you lacked clarity in a situation. Its counterpart is “The Sun” which is a card of masculine energy and in a reading that happiness and surety are on the way. This pissed me off so much, you guys. Why is it that the moon, symbol of the feminine, symbol of phases and change is seen as a negative or ambiguous card when the sun, symbol of masculine is seen as positive?


The motherfucking patriarchy that’s why


Listen up, YOU ARE POWERFUL IN YOUR FEMININITY. So powerful and subtle that the fragile minds of the masculine dominate are terrified of your knowing. Feminine energy is so much more subtle and nuanced than masculine energy. Both are necessary in a balanced way to make a balanced human but somewhere along the lines the beauty of that feminine energy was discounted and even made to bee seen as inferior or weak. Masculine energy is goal-oriented, straightforward, aggressive, fact based. These don’t sound like bad characteristics, right? These characteristics are great but they have been overly prized and at the expense of the subtlety and magick of the feminine energy. Feminine energy is intuitive, soft, nurturing, emotive, rhythmic, and has a quality of “knowing” in your gut and soul.  There are times to be fact based and aggressive and there are times to let what you know in your soul take control. Feminine energy tunes us into ourselves and our planet so that we can see past ourselves and our problems and are given the ability to see others. Feminine energy helps us take care of each other as humans and as stewards of our planet. 


This skewed hyper masculine trend has made people miserable, not allowing our feelings to be heard. Instead our feelings are shoved away and “pushed through”. I would say on the surface this seems like a way to fix things but actually what it has done is to make a bunch of miserable adults who trash their planet and are jerks to each other. If we were allowed to feel our feelings, if we were allowed to voice our fears and they were met with empathy and kindness we wouldn’t take out our frustrations in terms of “power over” something or someone and we would instead focus our attention at trying to master ourselves. 


It’s no coincidence that women and feminine aware humans have been shunned into silence. The masculine dominant are afraid of what they don’t understand, they are aware of it’s power but in their lack of knowing have vilified this energy. Women were burned or shunned. Femme dominant men were killed or called “abominations” as if being a balanced man or gay man was some sort of weakness. Does it take more power to react out of anger or to sit with your feelings and react with awareness?

 There is a reason the moon and her feminine energy is seen as “illusion”, why women were seen to “tempt” and beguile as if a masculine dominant person couldn’t control themselves. 


I am here to tell you that a shift is coming. Awareness is spreading like wildfire. You’ve incarnated into a time of great change, that’s not a coincidence. Be aware of the ways that the masculine dominant want to keep you ignorant of your feminine power and fight against it by embracing the feminine inside of you. The best defense is to know yourself. Listen to yourself, listen to your intuition, get to know who you are on a spiritual and energetic level.  Learn to balance the energies of yin and yang, Shiva and Shakti, Ida and Pingala, the masculine and the feminine. Learn to tap in to both so that you make balanced decisions and lead others into balance by example.


Let yourself feel, let yourself know what “cant be known” , let yourself tap into the potential latent power. 
people will call you emotional, people will call you hysterical because that’s the refuge of the weak of insight. They try and discount your power by making you doubt it. Surround yourself with people who grow you and encourage you. Women, gather in circles with your sisters. Men, open yourself to the feminine energy inside of you that’s been begging to break free and has been quieted by weak and frightened masculine dominant people. 


I wish you balance, awareness, and strength on the journey



Namaste, friend